The Gorgeous Kendall Penny

Superstar Kendall Penny has a certain look, style and vibe that’s different to almost every other trans performer around at the moment.  Gorgeous looks,  classy style, fabulous deportment and super sexy.  She’s assertive and demanding – and you will want to please her.

She’s appeared on a number of sites including her winning scenes on (and my fave scene a hardcore shot in London in 2019),  VR scenes which have shown her hand at actual acting and across a bunch of websites.

Although appearing in a lot less scenes then many of her contemporaries, those she does appear in are very well received and she always leaves her fans wanting a little more.

In 2019, she worked on GroobyVR, Bob’s Tgirls and Grooby Girls and more.

You can see Ella at;

Grooby Girls

Bobs Tgirls

Grooby VR

Transex POV